Ways to know that Your Roof has Aged

When you look at the different roofs in your neighborhood, there are some that standout while others have dilapidated in condition. Some may have seen many years while others are new. Different roofs are made of different materials and with this; each has its own issues. Some problems that may be seen in wooden roofs are not the same ones that will be seen in a galvanized metal roof repairs. Besides just looking at the faded color of your roof how else can you tell that the roof has aged? Algae Accumulation Green moss on your roof is unsightly. It is not something that you want to see on your roof and the worst bit about it is that your entire home will lose its appeal. With algae accumulating on your roof, you need to act fast. This is a sign of aging and the fact that the roof has not been cleaned regularly. This is common in humid areas and it should not be allowed to continue accumulating once the problem has been identified. There are Dark Spots As moss accumulates on your roof, it leads to dark spots. Although the dark spots are a sign of aging, it also depends on the kind of roof that they are on. For example, dark spots on a metal or galvanized metal roof are not only unsightly, but they can also be dangerous. This is because on metal, it could be that it has rusted and when this happens, the roof could fall or be gravely damaged. Black Strikes Have you seen black coloring on your roof? This is one sign of an aging roof which results from the formation of algae build up beneath your roof’s layers. These issues are unsightly and affect the value of your home. Whether you decide to have a roof replacement, proper cleaning or repair, this is something that should be done as soon as possible. Aging Shingles Shingles will age differently and they show different signs for this. While some starts to curl, others will start to crack while others will become loose. The worst part about it is that shingles may start breaking when they have become too old. To avoid getting to this point, it’s of paramount that a professional roofer inspects the roof at least annually. Disintegrating Sealant To prevent water from seeping through your roof, homeowners use sealants. The moment that the sealant starts to disintegrate, it will let water into your house. This is a result of seams coming apart and it is a sign of aging. You could end up having an emergency roof replacement. As a homeowner, ensure that you have visual assessment of your roof. Besides counting the years that the manufacturer promised your roof would last, it is important that you have regular checkups. With visual assessment and by knowing the signs of aging roof, you will avoid many issues as well as emergency roof replacement. Do not forget to work with an expert.

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